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Wanderlust Bordeaux: Garnet Mosaic in 1840's Vintage Watch

This mosaic is a one of a kind: labradorite and silver surrounded by faceted garnet on one side, the 1840's original watch face (non functioning) on the other. The chain is also from the same antique shop in the picturesque city of Bordeaux, France, a favorite stop in our quest to find elements for the Wanderlust collection.

Each piece encapsulates the lush beauty that defines mosaic jewels.

  • Rich with texture, this mosaic is a timeless piece of mosaic on one side, watch face on the other
  • A true conversation starter, this piece will set you apart.
  • Flawless style that will distinguish you, while an excellent compliment to the jewels you wear every day.

* Labradorite and silver surrounded by faceted garnet gemstones 
* Set in a vintage 1840's watch purchased in Bordeaux, France
* 28mm mosaic in diameter
* Sterling silver vintage chain 
* 22 inches in length

Feel beautiful!

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