Wanderlust Bourdeaux Vintage Watch 2 sided Mosaic Necklace

This 2 sided mosaic of pink sapphire, gold and pearl, then faceted garnet with Greek silver coin and faceted garnet. The mosaic is set in a gold vintage watch from the 1840's bought in Bordeaux, France.

The first time I found this shop was in 2015... I wandered past the Museum of Design in Bourdeaux on a quest to find an antique store that might have some interesting elements to add to the jewels. I was enthralled with the pieces I found- I think I would have taken everything home had it fit in my luggage. And the owner, Madame, was so lovely with me and did her best to shuffle through my rusty French... I have gone back twice since. This is what the Wanderlust Collection is all about- designing from experiences that are packed with meaning.

    * 2 sided mosaic: first side is pink sapphire, pearl and gold,second side is Greek silver coindepicting Athena surrounded by faceted garnet
    * mosaics are in a gold vintage watch from 1840, bought in Bordeaux, France
    * 24mm mosaic in diameter
    * Necklace is faceted labradorite, pearl, green garnet, amethyst and faceted labradorite knotted on silk
    * one of a kind piece

    Feel beautiful!

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