Wanderlust Bourdeaux Vintage Watch 2 sided Mosaic Necklace

This 2 sided mosaic of pink sapphire, gold and pearl, then faceted garnet with Greek silver coin and faceted garnet. The mosaic is set in a gold vintage watch from the 1840's bought in Bordeaux, France.

It was 2015. I was exhibiting my work on a cruise of the French Riviera, and one of our stops was the legendary city of Bordeaux... with SO much history packed in one place, wherever I ventured brought new sights and sounds to my senses. Right by the Museum of Design I found an antique store that made my heart go pitter patter... I was enthralled. I think I would have taken everything home had it fit in my luggage. And the owner, Madame Cecile, was so lovely with me and did her best to shuffle through my rusty French... I have gone back twice since. This is what the Wanderlust Collection is all about- designing from experiences that are packed with meaning.



    • mosaic is 2 sided
    • pink sapphire, pearl, gold on one side
    • Greek silver coin of Athena surrounded by faceted garnet on other side
    • set in gold vintage watch: 1840's vintage, from Bordeaux 
    • necklace: labradorite, pearl, green garnet, amethyst, opal strung on gold and knotted on silk
    • piece is one of a kind

    feel beautiful.

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