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Wanderlust Murano glass and gold chain open necklace (Murano)

Hand made Murano glass is knotted on lemon yellow silk accented with coral and lapis lazuli on an open necklace of gold chain. Wrap around and tie this piece in 3 different ways- colorful, versatile, elegant, and unique, this piece is a knock out for a knock out, and that's YOU.


I remember the lovely proprietor of the tiny shop on the banks of Murano, Venice, Italy. I had walked into a myriad of glass stops beforehand, looking for pieces that were different from the ones I had seen over and over on my trip. I knew the moment I walked in that I had found very special pieces- my heart skipped a beat when I picked up this hand made glass, created with techniques perfected over centuries. Please allow us to don you in our own interpretation of these incredible finds.



* Hand made Murano glass beads from Venice, Italy: no 2 beads are exactly alike
* Chain is gold, hammered links
* Versatile: wrap 3 different ways
* Coral and lapis faceted gemstones knot on silk
* 52 total inches in length

Feel beautiful!

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