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We Mothers Stand Still: rose quartz, pearl, pink sapphire mosaic necklace/bracelet

Barbie, last night.

I went to the movies alone. It had been a good long while since I'd done that. I was the first one in the theater. I had to resist diving into my popcorn, as if it were my decadent date. Slowly, my fellow audience members trickled in.

I was definitely the oldest person in attendance. And you know what? I LOVED the energy in that room.

We slowly settled in after the opening credits. The movie sort of creeps up on you... it starts out fun, flashy and colorful. And then the dialogue hits, kinda like when somebody tells you something you knew inside all along... MORE THAN ONCE I was the ONLY ONE who laughed out loud. I noticed the kids on either side of me kind of inched away just a smidge.

And then Rhea Perlman delivered this line: “We mothers stand still, so our daughters can look back to see how far they’ve come.” 

Yup. I wept. Stupid, fat, crocodile tears. 

GOD I love pink.


  • silverite and pink sapphire mosaic
  • pearl, rose quartz, rhodochrosite
  • hand knottedon silk 
  • sterling silverclasp
  • 16"can be worn as a necklace OR a wrap around bracelet
  • thank you for shopping small

feel beautiful.

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