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Moxie Malachite Mosaic Earrings (Wanderlust Paris)

Darling Sophanista, welcome to Wanderlust Paris.

If there were a GIANT bowl of malachite, of course it would be in Versailles. In a room that is replete with malachite objects, on plush raspberry. So of COURSE I had to make malachite earrings that will make you feel beautiful. 

The city of lights, the magnificent hubbub where art, fashion, architecture, elegance, music, style, and joy all converge. And YOU were on the adventure with me, from Versailles, to the Louvre, to the Paris Puces outdoor market, to the banks of the Seine. 



* Malachite mosaic 

* Mosaic is 10mm in diameter

* Beautiful pop of color

Gold earwires

* Very lightweight


Feel beautiful!

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