Torero's Blood Garnet lariat

Darling Sophanista, welcome to Wanderlust Spain.

Just behind the Alcàzar Palace of Seville there is a quiet courtyard centered by a trickling fountain. There, at a corner café, we sat for some wine, cheese, garlic olives, and conversation. 

After lunch, I stepped inside (as it was empty, I found that fascinating, since the café was SO abuzz with outside diners) to a room of tiny tables, that kind in all the paintings you see about Europe. It took me a moment to get used to the change in light- but I finally noticed a lone diner in that room, staring straight at me. I thought, "he must be Australian, because he looks like Crocodile Dundee." Because that's how Australian's dress, RIGHT? Then I look directly LEFT, and this AMAAAAAAZING TORERO regalia was in a glass case. I kind of inched toward it, taking pictures. I excused myself, as I got kinda close to the Australian. He sort of mumbled. Because Americans just go into spaces wherever they feel like it, I know. Sorry Mr. Australian.

From the clicks on the cobblestones, the aromas of paella, to the swirls of Moorish castles and the OLÈ of Flamenco dancers… YOU were on this Spanish adventure with me, darling Sophanista. This collection gathers elements of Malaga and Seville, from jaw dropping antique stores, quiet street vendors, and pieces that remind us of that magnificent adventure.



  • faceted, bezel set garnets
  • chain is gold filled
  • length is 36 inches
  • ends are faceted silverite with oxidized brass 
  • wear wrapped around, open, or tied 
  • inspired by the Torero's regalia in a Seville café

feel beautiful!

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