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Into the Woods

Darling Sophanista, welcome to Wanderlust Spain.

Catedral de la Encarnación de Málaga: On the first day of our journey, we visited this amazing cathedral. In the middle of the church was this GIANT wooden structure, chairs around the perimeter, so intricate and detailed. When I read the plaque explaining the history, I was AMAZED that ALL of this wood had come from NORTH AMERICA in the 1600's. Now, just to give some perspective- the Moors were in Spain for some 700 years and had JUST left 100 years before. So that means that Spain had the CAPABILITY within 100 YEARS to get to the other side of the world for materials to make their stuff. Wow.

From the clicks on the cobblestones, the aromas of paella, to the swirls of Moorish castles and the OLÈ of Flamenco dancers… YOU were on this Spanish adventure with me, darling Sophanista. This collection gathers elements of Malaga and Seville, from jaw dropping antique stores, quiet street vendors, and pieces that remind us of that magnificent adventure.


  • sterling silver, handmade vintage Jerusalem cross
  • surrounded by faceted white sapphire and labradorite
  • wood bead chain on sterling silver
  • sterling silver clasp
  • 18", with 1.5" of adjustable chain in back for added length
  • one of a kind piece
  • inspired by the wooden interior of the Cathedral of Malaga


feel beautiful!

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