Secret Courtyard

Darling Sophanista, welcome to Wanderlust Spain.

All over Málaga, one can step away from the hullabaloo of the street into silent courtyards. I'm convinced they are a network of secret little nooks, obviously taken care of by a mysterious hand (since the plants are lush and well taken care of) and nursing streaks of sunlight so tranquilly, one MUST stop and take the scene in.

What history has happened in this particular courtyard? I wonder. These earrings embody the sight, with the colors and patterns of the windowpane. Enjoy.

From the clicks on the cobblestones, the aromas of paella, to the swirls of Moorish castles and the OLÈ of Flamenco dancers… YOU were on this Spanish adventure with me, darling Sophanista. This collection gathers elements of Malaga and Seville, from jaw dropping antique stores, quiet street vendors, and pieces that remind us of that magnificent adventure.



  • hammered links gold chain
  • gold earwire
  • faceted citrine
  • bone beads from vintage necklace (1940's)
  • one of a kind piece
  • 16mm bead
  • 2 3/4" from top of earring to end
  • inspired by the silent, lush, sun kissed courtyards of Málaga

feel beautiful!

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