In light of today's news from the Ukraine and Russia, I wanted to go back into why I started ADORN.


I am fascinated by our sameness.  Because that emphasizes our oneness.  


Throughout the ages, we have been exhibiting our cultures on our heads.

  Tibetan princess, mid 1800's.                                                                    Empress Theodora, Byzantium, 500 CE. Tibetan princess, 1879 Theodora    

Below is a headdress from Russia on the left, Ukraine on the right.



ukranian   BOTH cultures wore them up to the last century, BOTH were ornate, BOTH had much the same color palette, BOTH emphasized and housed a woman's most important beauty point:  her BRAIN.  

Shouldn't cooler HEADS prevail?

  Below are the following headdresses:  Native American, Indian, Burmese, Hungarian, Zulu.


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07 January, 2017

Juliet Dervin

What a great post, Sophia! Yes, let cooler heads prevail with beautiful adornments! Looking forward to more posts celebrating our diverse sameness!

07 January, 2017


Thank you, fabu Juliet!! I love your term: diverse sameness! That’s exactly what we’re trying to focus on…

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